Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts Are Things by Ernest Holmes

I recently became upset when I learned that one of the restaurants I frequent is serving non-vegetarian French fries. They put meat products into the fries to make them taste better. As a vegetarian, this really bothered me. I started mentioning it to friends—and discovered that quite a few of the food items that I enjoyed were also not vegetarian. It seemed like my world of “available food” was shrinking the more I talked about it!

I guess shouldn’t have been surprised. One of the key principles of The Science Of Mind,” is that our thoughts are always creative. Ernest Holmes says it best:

“Thoughts are things.  Every object and experience in the universe is the result of a thought expressed.”

When we look at our lives, we’re seeing the results of our thinking. This “Law” of mind, is always at work, always creating our experience of life as a result of our beliefs, ideas and thoughts.

Some people might think they’re not very good at using this Law because they don’t seem to be able to create the lives that they would like to live. But the truth is that we’re all experts in using the Law. All of us constantly create life based on our use of the Law.

But it’s not always done with intention!

We unintentionally create chaos, distress and trouble in our lives by allowing our mind to wander into areas that do not affirm what we wish to experience. When we have chaotic thoughts—our lives become chaotic. When we dwell on lack and limitation, our lives seem small and confining. It’s not that we purposely want to create that experience—but the Spiritual Law is always at work, even when we wish it would take a break.

So my complaining about a lack of vegetarian options was just creating more trouble for me. It was time to become more intentional in my thinking.

I started thinking about and talking about the many good options that I have in eating out. I told friends about the great places and foods that I enjoy—and the many options available for the vegetarian life-style.

People began to agree with me—and began making their own suggestions of the places I might try and the food that they enjoyed that was vegetarian. Suddenly my eating options opened-up! Instead of shrinking, the places and foods that I might enjoy expanded greatly.

We must begin to ask ourselves what we really wish to experience and begin directing our thoughts in those directions. We stop emphasizing thoughts and beliefs about what we don’t want—and begin setting our minds to accept what we do want. We recognize that seeing the world as positive and life affirming will be more likely to bring us positive, life-affirming results.

We may not be perfect at this. We may still cause a mess now and then through negative thoughts, gossip and making bad choices. But we recognize that we’re the ones that caused our own trouble, through the use of this Law. Over time, we improve our ability to direct our thoughts more consciously and usefully. Over time, life improves. Over time, we have more options and begin to live an expanded life.

The Law keeps working—and we continue to get better at directing it.