Certified Classes

We generally offer one or two CSL-Certified classes each term. You may register for them at the back of the sanctuary in the Center, or online (below). Our Certified classes count towards meeting requirements for entering Practitioner Studies, but are also taken for personal enrichment. If you’re not in the Portland metropolitan area, many of our classes are offered online utilizing “Zoom” teleconferencing. Watch for classes marked “(online).” You may also be interested in our self-study guides.

CSL Classes Currently Offered

Here is a list of CSL Certified Classes to be offered over the next several years:


Foundations (I) – 11 wks (cancelled)
Exploring Roots (III) – 10 wks (cancelled)


Power of Your Word (IV) – 8 wks
Creative Process in the Individual – (IV) 8 wks (online)

Key to codes in parenthesis

CSL Class Category:

  • I — Foundational Level Coursework
  • II — Ernest Holmes Philosophy
  • III — History/Philosophy Coursework
  • IV — Consciousness Studies
  • V — Consciousness Electives

Days of Week: M, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, Su
Day or Night Class: A, P
Online Class: O