Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind–Virtual Certificated Class

10 Weeks; Tuesdays, September 24, 2024 – November 26, 2024, 6PM – 9PM PT; Education Zoom Classroom

In this captivating course, you embark on a fascinating journey into the historical origins of Ernest Holmes’ transformative philosophy in the United States. With a specific focus on the influential works of Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, you will gain an understanding of the intellectual and spiritual foundations that shaped Holmes’ teachings. Through in-depth exploration, we delve into the profound insights of these visionary thinkers, discovering the seeds of wisdom that later blossomed into the Science of Mind philosophy. This course serves as a rich tapestry of knowledge, connecting you to the intellectual lineage that underpins the Science of Mind philosophy and deepening your appreciation for the insights that have shaped the spiritual landscape of the Science of Mind philosophy as we know it today.

Co-facilitated by Rev. Marilyn Sprague and Kate Barrett, RScP Emerita with Teaching Assistant Nadine Moller, RScP

Registration: $295
Licensed Practitioner Registration: $220
Current PCSL Board Member Registration: $245

For payment options, contact Rev. Marilyn Sprague here to discuss.

There are no prerequisites for this class, everyone is welcome. It is held online in our virtual class room. Details, including your Zoom link, will be sent upon registration.

Required Texts (Please have your required texts in hand before your first class): 

  • The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes; ISBN-13: 0-87477-865-4
  • Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson; ISBN-0-06-090906-4
  • The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward; ISBN-1-60459-334-2
  • Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins; ISBN 9781502527127
  • Student Guide (Included in registration; electronic file sent upon registration)

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