Our licensed Religious Science Practitioners (RScP) have completed at least 4 years of metaphysical study. Trained and licensed as spiritual counselors, they use spiritual principles to effectively enrich the quality of life and change conditions for the better.

Working with a Practitioner supports you in revealing your True Self, the Spirit of wholeness that lives within you, while you make positive changes in your life. They are all available for paid private sessions by appointment. Some Practitioners have detailed information pages (click on the link under their name for more information).

Note: Emeritus Practitioners are not accepting new clients.

Aarlene Mosher,  503-826-6108,
Al Kauffman (Emeritus),  503-252-6310,
Anette Bolster,  503-826-6107,
Bill Lawson (Emeritus),  971-235-0742,
Kate Barrett, 503-512-3412,
Kathryn Richer,  503-793-6368,
Kathy Batten,  360-931-0371,
Marci Beck,  503-710-4587,
Marilyn Sprague,  360-931-0671,
Nancy Ashley,   503-880-0308,
Sylvia Kearns, ‭(360) 931-6373‬,
Simona Matteucci, 360-702-7929,

Our Minister is also available for scheduled practitioner sessions, weddings, memorials and other life events.

You can also submit a short prayer request online.

If you’d like to have a regular prayer partner, the Practitioner Council of the Centers for Spiritual Living can help you through their PrayerMatch website.