Sean AB Larkin, RScP

Sean began attending PCSL in 2012. In the fall of 2013 he volunteered with the Youth Program and in short order became the Youth Program Director. His pedagogy is focused on direct and practical experience. He shares various meditation practices, emotion identification and non-violent communication with his students. He also holds socratic dialogues on Universal Spiritual Principles, as taught in Science of Mind. In these students are free to share and explore the topic such as Love, Harmony, Wisdom etc. in a context absent of ‘right and wrong’ while focused on expanding conception and enlivening embodiment.

Sean’s Spiritual Resume includes: Becoming a Licensed Practitioner (RScP) within Centers for Spiritual Living in August of 2021. Training Tai Chi Chuan under a Taoist Master. Spending time at a Buddhist Monastery. Being initiated by a Celtic Druid in Ireland. Studying the Western Hermetic Tradition under a Sage of that Discipline.

Sean’s Youth Resume includes: Being Youth Program Director at CSL Portland since October of 2013. A preschool teacher for 3.5 years. A Mental Health Technician and Cook at a Residential Treatment Facility for Troubled Teens for 1.5 years. A summer camp counselor for 3 years. A babysitter for many, many evenings. A godfather of darling baby Inna.

Sean believes that the noble pursuit of cultivating a conscious community is a good unto itself and invites you to participate!

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