Prosperity Through Knowledge and Power of Mind

Rev. Marilyn Sprague and Kate Barrett, RScP Emerita, Co-Facilitators
2 Saturday Afternoons: 10/15/2022 and 10/29/2022; 1:00—2:30 PM PT

In this online workshop, we are applying Spiritual Principles introduced in Prosperity by Annie Rix Militz. Come and discover your innate “dynamo of concentrated, creative energy” that guides you to experience true contentment. This two-part workshop supports you in recognizing your own Wisdom—God Within expressing Prosperity through you—and witnessing the Wisdom of others. Delight in developing a personal, definite spiritual practice for ascending greater heights of eternal Prosperity in all areas of life.

This workshop is held online in our virtual class room. Details, including your Zoom link, will be sent upon registration.

$55 Registration

There is no required text, all materials will be provided for you. You may wish to download a free copy of Prosperity by Annie Rix Militz for supplemental reading. It is also available as a free ePub book download.

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