Powering Your Decisions

Facilitated by Rev. Marilyn Sprague, Teaching Assistant Donna Wallace, RScP
8-Weeks; Tuesday Nights; 5:30—8:00 PM PT
11/01/2022 — 12/20/2022

You already possess greater ideas than you ever thought possible, but first you must find a pathway to their discovery. This course takes you on such a journey to help you produce better results with confidence and clarity for life. Attract new ideas into your life today while gaining greater mastery of practical spiritual tools you can apply to all your future decisions about health, happiness, creativity, and richer living. In this course, you will realize the power of letting go of thoughts that no longer serve. This course offers practical exercises and hands-on self-assessments to strengthen your spiritual understanding of how to live Spiritual Principles and deepen your relationship with Spirit, God, the Divine Nature of the Universe.

This workshop is held online in our virtual class room. Details, including your Zoom link, will be sent upon registration.

Required Texts: 

  • The Power of Decision, Tarcher Perigee, Barker, Raymond Charles ISBN-13: 978-1585428540 
  • Power Your Decisions Self-Study Workbook: An Up-To-Date Guide to Dr. Barker’s Revolutionary Classic. Pamela D. Grey ISBN-13: 978-1-61063-143-3; The Power Your Decisions Self-Study Workbook supports the journey of the expansion of consciousness to set new goals and achieve them. Workbooks are purchased here: www.poweryourdecisions.com. Use Coupon code: PYDCSL 
  • CSL Powering Your Decisions Student Guide is provided

There are no prerequisites for this class, everyone is welcome. The registration fee is $245 for this CSL-certificated class.

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