Exploring Science of Mind Declaration of Principles – Online Half-day Workshop

Zoom Workshop:

Exploring Science Of Mind Declaration of Principles

Half day
7/15/2023 1:30 PM—4:30 PM PT

Registration: $30, includes participant handouts

CoFacilitated by Kate Barrett, RScP Emerita and

Nancy Ashley, RScP

Class Description:

This workshop invites you to understand and embody the basic principles of SOM, as presented by Ernest Holmes in 1927. A copy of these Principles can be found in every issue of the Science of Mind Magazine. We are also looking at the ‘newest’ format of Principles that are presented by CSL today. Using a combination of meditation, journaling, and discussion, you can decide for yourself what you believe. We claim that there is nothing you must believe to practice SOM. However, most of us acknowledge that God is all there is (everything is a part of the energy of God), the immanence of God WITHIN all beings, and the unity of all in the body of God.

This workshop is an opportunity to meditate on the Principles of SOM and then accept, amend, or reject the principles as presented by Ernest Holmes. This study of SOM Principles allows you to clarify your own beliefs, and to learn how your beliefs serve you now and in the future.

This workshop is held online in our virtual classroom. Details, including your Zoom link, will be sent upon registration. There are no prerequisites. Everyone is welcome.