Meditation: Rainbows for Breakfast

We invite you to join us this Wednesday Night
at the Center for Spiritual Living

7:00 pm – Meditation Service

Theme – “Rainbows for Breakfast”

Presented by Licensed Practitioners Sylvia Kearns and Kate Barrett

This meditation service is accompanied by artist Marina Raye’s news CD, Rainbows for Breakfast. This meditation is for anyone, whether you have meditated before or not. Sylvia will open the session with simple directions on how to find that centering place of calmness. Feel free to bring yoga mat or blanket if you’d like.

The Wednesday Meditation Service is presented by the Portland Center’s Practitioners the third Wednesday evening of every month.

Affirmation of the Week:
“To love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves means to see God in everything and to include everyone in one divine unity.”
— Ernest Holmes, Words That Heal Today