Sylvia Kearns

SYLVIA KEARNS became a Religious Science Practitioner in June 2019. She is currently a student in Holmes Institute and the Certificate of Ministerial Studies programs, pursing her lifelong dream of being a minister. Finding Portland Center for Spiritual Living in 2015 was a life changing event. After a long career in nursing she found a new way to bring spiritual uplifting to others.

Sylvia is bi-costal splitting her time between Vancouver, Washington and Asheville, North Carolina. She is available for in person Spiritual Mind Treatment sessions and on-line sessions via Zoom technology. Living in a partially virtual world has helped her understand those that do not have immediate access to their spiritual home. Sylvia’s passion for listening to clients with a variety of concerns was greatly developed in her years of ER nursing. She looks forward to sharing the Light within her to all who reach out.

Phone: 360-931-6373
Email: sylviakearns@outlook.com