The Law of Manifestation

We invite you to join us this Sunday
at the Center for Spiritual Living

9:00 am – Inward Journey Service
11:00 am – Celebration Service (& Youth Church)
12:30 pm – Meetup Connection Circle

Talk Title – “The Law of Manifestation
Spiritual Practice – Goal Setting


Rev. Larry King
Featuring Marc Allen’s The Greatest Secret of All

If our thoughts become things, do you have clarity and purpose in your thinking? Do you have what it takes to master “The Law of Manifestation?” Download a guide to the spiritual practice of goal setting.

Inspirational Music
(at the Celebration Service)

Lauren Steele

Portland-born singer-songwriter, poet and actor, Lauren  has felt at home on the stage from a young age. Whether the medium is music, theatre or spoken word, Steele uses her platform to call attention to social issues.

Affirmation of the Week:
“I now see opportunities for abundance everywhere. I am blessed and prospered.” —Louise Hay