From Racism to Gracism

We invite you to join us this Sunday
at the Center for Spiritual Living

9:00 am – Inward Journey Service
11:00 am – Celebration Service (& Youth Church)
12:30 pm – Season For Peace and Non-Violence Kickoff

Talk Title – “From Racism to Gracism”

Rev. Larry King
Featuring David Anderson’s “Gracism: The Art of Inclusion”

God’s Grace is colorblind. Rev. Larry begins a new series based on David Anderson’s best seller on inclusion and diversity.

Inspirational Music
(at the Celebration Service)
Ellen Whyte

“She not only sings like an angel, but brings her own styling and phrasing to every song that is completely individual.”

Affirmation of the Week:
“The Spirit within me bears witness to the Spirit within you. I recognize the absolute truth that we are One, that nothing separates us.”