Birds Of A Feather

Long before I heard about the spiritual Law of Attraction, I knew the saying “birds of a feather flock together.” It makes sense that similar people will hang out together. Whether it’s matching paper clips in a dish or people around the water cooler, we tend to be attracted to people and groups that share our values, our ideas and our outlook on life.

But what if I want to go with a different flock?

But what if we want to attract to something different? What if we’d like to up-level our experience of life using this principle. How do I “flock together” with people of greater success or stability? How do I attract a better life when it’s outside what I already know?

Rehearsal and research may help.

Rehearsing is one key to success. If we wish to try something new, we must practice it! Where do we start? Our minds, of course. Overwhelming evidence in both sports and business shows that we are more successful if we “rehearse” things in our minds, using visualization.

We rehearse being successful by visualizing it. If we want a wonderful new job, we visualize ourselves in the midst of it. If we want a loving, long-term relationship, we picture ourselves as already having it.

But practice only makes perfect if we practice perfectly. Rehearsal of poor technique or misinformation will not be useful. We must rehearse doing it “right,” and that’s where research comes in. We can find out what thoughts, beliefs, training and patterns successful people have. Any number of Internet articles can give you clues about the common traits that successful people exhibit. Books exist to show you how to “flock” in new patterns and new ways through training and awareness. Finding a mentor can also really help. If you choose him or her wisely, a mentor will already know a greater pattern of success or happiness and can fill in some of the knowledge and experience that you need to make changes in your own thinking and your own life.

Research will also help you to understand all the elements of being successful in a certain area. In finances, for instance, a successful mentor can explain how it’s more than just creating wealth. You must also know about investing, managing, retaining, budgeting and spending.

Flocking into a new, more successful life can take some time and effort. But then, aren’t you worth it?