Infinite You As the Universe–Virtual Certificated Class

6 Weeks; Thursdays, July 18, 2024 – August 22, 2024, 6PM – 9PM PT; Education Zoom Classroom

This course offers you an opportunity to explore and bring into form an expanded and empowered life.  You will explore your own beliefs and experiences with the intention to discover a deeper truth to your own being.  Embrace this invitation into a greater understanding of the growth of consciousness and learn how to the principle of Oneness and the Reciprocal Nature of the Universe have a direct impact on the life you live.

Co-facilitated by Kate Barrett, RScP Emerita with Teaching Assistant Kathy Batten, RScP

Registration: $195
Licensed Practitioner Registration: $120
Current Board Member Registration: $145

There are no prerequisites for this class, everyone is welcome. It is held online in our virtual class room. Details, including your Zoom link, will be sent upon registration.

Required Texts (Please have your required texts in hand before your first class): 

  • This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

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