Non-Judgment: Because You Never Really Know

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10:50 AM — Prelude Music with the “Friends” Band
11:00 AM — Celebration Service

Talk Title: “Non-Judgment: Because You Never Really Know”
Speaker: Rev. Bridget McCann

It’s so easy, isn’t it? We all do it – judge others for actions we believe are wrong. Sometimes we simply cannot imagine any circumstance under which the action taken could ever be the right thing to do; it’s wrong, period, end of story. But, what if there really is more to the story?

Inspirational Music from
Guest Vocalist:

April Krubel

April is the former lead singer of seven years with Bridgetown Get Down, a duo artist with Gold & Honey, and a solo artist. She has been a member of CSL for over a decade and continues to warmed souls with her honest, spiritual vocals.

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