Solstice Handpan Meditation

We are having a Summer Solstice Handpan Meditation Wednesday June 21st from 7pm – 8:30pm. This will be both in the Sanctuary and on Zoom.

7:00 PM Meditation

Theme: “Solstice Handpan Meditation”

Lead Facilitator: Sean Larkin, RCsP

Practitioner Sean AB Larkin will be playing the handpan and sharing wisdom of the Solstice while Practitioner Kathryn Richer will be leading us in prayer.

Sean’s Handpan Music  is on Spotify and most major music platforms.

Everyone is welcome to join our weekly Practitioner-led Wednesday night meditation.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom teleconferencing set yourself up before the meditation. Once you’re ready, here is the link to join us online:

Meeting ID: 502 642 724
Password: 823969