Community Co-Creation Service

Dear Member of Portland Center for Spiritual Living,

            We are ready to begin the process of calling in our new Senior Minister! 

            If you love our Center and want to be a part of creating the opening for greater good to manifest here and in your own life, please join us on Zoom on Saturday, April 15, 2023, from 9 to 12:30 pm for the Community Co-Creation Service. 

            During this time of spiritual learning and practice, participants will be guided through a sequence of steps that support completion of the past and deep transformation as individuals and as a collective. The intention is to begin the process of establishing in each participant a new mental equivalent for the New Minister. The Process is based in the principle that there cannot be true newness without new consciousness.              

             Rev. Christine Green will lovingly and purposefully guide us in turning within to establish the consciousness that will call in our new minister, and to see and release anything that might be obstructing the Greater Good in our own lives and CSL Portland. The focus is work within our own consciousness, with the opportunity to stand witness to and support each other. The evening’s gifts are wisdom, understanding, greater freedom and expanded consciousness.

            All congregation members are welcome to participate

   RSVP required by April 10th if you plan to attend, so we can mail the Co-Creation packet to you.  Or you can sign-up Sunday, April 9th, at the Center, and we will hand you your packet.