What It Does

We invite you to join us this Sunday
at the Center for Spiritual Living

9:00 am – Inward Journey Service
11:00 am – Celebration Service (& Youth Church)

Talk Title – “What It Does”


Rev. Larry King

Featuring Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind

Find out how our “thoughts become things” through the power of the Divine Creative Process. God is always willing to be a co-creator with us through the power of our conscious and unconscious thought.

Inspirational Music
(at the Celebration Service)

Billy Mixer

“Nashville session man Billy Mixer spreads the salt, deliciously so, through a savory mix of altar boy cherub, channeling his inner Patti LaBelle.”

Affirmation of the Week:
“Conscious thought is the starting point of every new creation.”  I use my thoughts to create the life I desire. — Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind