Thank You, God!

We invite you to join us this Sunday
at the Center for Spiritual Living

9:00 am – Inward Journey Service
11:00 am – Celebration Service (& Youth Church)

Talk Title – “Thank You, God!”

Rev. Larry King
Featuring May McCarthy’s “The Path to Wealth”

Be ready to celebrate all the Good that’s coming your way! Celebration of what’s going well and gratitude for you what you have expands your ability to enjoy life’s natural abundance.

Inspirational Music
(at the Celebration Service)
The Friends Gospel Chorus

“To sing the one life flowing through all. Together as Spirit expressing Truth, Love Light and the Joy of it all.”

Our own gospel chorus under direction of
LaRhonda Steele and backed-up by  our “Friends”
Band: Ken Brewer,  Jim Solberg and Don Shultz.


Affirmation of the Week:
“There is good for all. Happiness expresses all around me as I release negative thoughts and give thanks.”