Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of people elected at the annual membership meeting. It’s primary concerns are policy, financial and contractual decisions.

Sara Frandsen, President, 714-624-4363,
Janine Stewart, Vice President, 541-359-7552,
Doreen Marchetti, Secretary, 360-723-0537,
Diane Thomas, Treasurer, 971-570-1670,
Rev. Larry King, Senior Minister, 503-501-6599,
Jennifer Bernett, 503-261-0677,
Ron Bixby-McDonald, 503-962-9598,
Ken Cragen, RScP, 623-521-9013,
Jason Hutchison, 503-807-1227,
Sarah Wheeler, 503-970-8239,

Our Board of Directors generally meets the second Sunday of each month starting at 12:30 PM. The business portion of the meeting is open to members of the church. If you’re interested in attending or if you have questions about our Board of Directors, please give our President a call.