Revs. Andy and Bonnie Anderson

REV. BONNIE ANDERSON AND REV. ANDY ANDERSON are Ordained Ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living who live in Roseburg, Oregon and have been married for 40 years. They are traveling around the West Coast sharing their music and message, and having a ball!

Rev. Andy has been described as a “singer, songwriter and poet who always comes from the heart.” He composes and performs visionary, spiritual music that inspires and uplifts. His music deeply impacts people and appeals to all age groups from children and teens to adults. It has been referred to as “spiritual food for the soul.” One of his greatest blessings is to inspire and wake up the world to a greater understanding of themselves through the power of his music.

Rev. Bonnie is a clear teacher and a speaker who is known to wake her audience up to their greatness. She has a background in teaching and spent many years working in corporate America. Using personal stories and examples, she “drops in ideas that go right to the heart”. Bonnie presents workshops for women as well as workshops with her musician husband, Andy Anderson, at churches, retreats and conferences across the country. She is a facilitator for SoulCollage®