The Unexplained, Seen and Unseen

The Sunday Service is in-person, on Facebook Live and later on YouTube and Audio Podcast.

10:50 AM — Prelude Music with the “Friends” Band
11:00 AM — Celebration Service

Talk Title: “The Unexplained, Seen and Unseen”
Guest Speaker: Rev. Barbara Wuest

If you can’t see it, does it exist?  If you see something that can’t be explained, does it exist, or does your brain create a thought to make it exist?  Let’s look at some fun stuff that happens and determine if we can really be God in human form!

Inspirational Music from
Our Music Director:

Lauri Jones

Throughout the greater Pacific NW and beyond, vocalist and songwriter Lauri Jones has been stirring a deep spiritual knowing in her listeners for decades. On CD Baby: “…her voice is ‘rich and sensuous with amazing clarity and presence… it melts the heart.’” You’ll experience her authenticity and your own delight in equal measure as you enjoy this true artist expressing her gifts!