Prayer in Motion

Workshop begins at approximately 2:15 PM Pacific on March 24th, in-person at PCSL and on Zoom. Love offerings are gratefully received by clicking here. Everyone is welcome!

Explore with Rev. Bridget McCann the many ways to incorporate movement into your prayers, and prayers into your movements. Movement helps us embody our prayers, as we engage our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies working together towards the same purpose. Combining movement with prayer has a long history in our diverse human cultures and spiritual traditions. Come, learn, explore, and develop your own tradition or practice of prayer in motion. This workshop is appropriate for all ages and all mobility diversities. Each participant decides for themselves how much movement is right for them.

Rev. Bridget McCann presents this workshop as one of our PCSL new minister candidates. You may review application information on Rev. McCann here.

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom teleconferencing set yourself up well in advance. Once you’re ready, here is the link to join us online:

Workshop via Zoom begins at approximately 2:15 PM

Click here to join.