This form is to be used to indicate your vote for our new Senior Minister. Voting will begin March 28, 2024 and ends at 7:00PM on March 31, 2024. Only votes of Members-in-Good-Standing of Portland Center for Spiritual Living will count toward the official vote. If you have not completed PCSL’s membership class and become a member, you may still offer an “advisory” vote to indicate your preference. These non-member votes will not count towards the official vote. However your input is valuable to us and helps us be fully informed. If you are uncertain of your membership status, please contact Nadine Moller, RScP, Board President, at nadinemoller1@gmail.com, prior to March 31, 2024.

The Board of Directors has selected 3 individuals to count and certify all votes. Those individuals will be required to maintain confidentiality of voters. We are asking for your name only to confirm whether you are a member. Once membership has been verified and noted on the “yes” ~ “no” part of the ballot, the name will be cut off the ballot so that voter names will not be tied to the yes/no votes in any way. The “yes” ~ “no” votes will then be tallied. PCSL’s by-laws allow only the votes of Members-in-Good-Standing to officially count towards the selection of the new Senior Minister.

Please complete the form and press “submit.” Thank you.