Bible Wisdom

Our path to self-awareness and enlightenment may include reading, contemplating and interpreting scripture. To this end, we find books and develop lectures that bring the Bible alive for modern audiences.

Each year at Easter, we generally create a series based on the teachings of one of the master teachers, Jesus. Here is a selection of our Bible-based inspirational talks and readings.

Words That Heal Today by Ernest Holmes

Podcasts from 2016 by Rev. Larry King:
Great Love; Great Law
The Human Condition
Heaven On Earth
Easter: Awake, Thou That Sleepest

Words That Heal Today is a compendium that focuses on the teachings of two spir­itual masters, Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Ernest Holmes explains how to heal wounds based in anger, resent­ment, sadness, grief, and fear. Through the essential principles outlined in this book, you will learn that the true treasures of healing are divine and hidden within you.

Breaking the Ten Commandments by Eric Butterworth

Podcasts from 2015 by Rev. Larry King:
Easter:  One God in All Things
Remembering The Sabbath
Family and Friends First
Why Shant I?

Butterworth demonstrates the Commandments hold keys to expanding your moral character, spiritual consciousness and loving contribution to society. He encourages you to “break” the Commandments, not through sinning, but by cutting through archaic language to unlock hidden meanings in the biblical text.

Learn To Live by Erwin Seale

Podcasts from 2010-2014 by Rev. Larry King:
Intentions Reborn
Perception Reborn
Easter:  Another Fresh Beginning
Freedom Reborn
Does God Recognize Us?
Does God Value Us?
Does God Forgive Us?
Seeing With New Eyes
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Law of Mind
Rebirth of the Human Heart
Creating Our Dreams

The metaphysical approach to understanding the Bible is an eye-opener. This book is a wonderful look at the parables of the Bible that allows them to be meaningful in today’s world. It explains the symbolism behind the words used and places them in a context that can be applied to current situations.