June Gumz
Newsletter Editor

Enjoy reading our bi-monthly Newsletter. We always have the current one printed and available in the sanctuary. You may also view and download archive copies. Our newsletter is produced by June Gumz who has been our editor-in-chief for the last nine years. Contact June if you have an article that you’d like to have considered for publication.


March “Unconscious Clutter”
January “A New Year—A New Look”


November “Pass the Dessert”
September “Observations at the Mall”
July “Mysteries in the Suburbs”
May “Change is Not Optional”
“Magical Thinking”
January “What Will 2018 Bring?”


November “Increasing Awareness of Our Good”
September “A Fence Like No Other”
July “Promoting Good Health”
“Beauty Revealed”
March “Be Not Afraid”
January “Good Is Everywhere”


November “Who Knew?”
September “Searching For Power In Cyber Space”
July “Connection Circles”
May “We Are In Great Shape”
March “Family Relationships”
January “Letting Go Of Troubles”


November “Cultural Café”
September “No Limits”
July “Change Is Possible”
May “Delaying Your Good?”
March “What’s In A Name?”
January “Little Libraries”


November “Connections That Count”
September “The Magic Kingdom”
July “Staying Grounded”
May “It Takes A Village”
March “Men Are From Mars?”
January “Optimism”


November “A David In All Of Us”
September “Travel Bug”
July “Inspired Chaos”
May “Opportunities”
March “Spring: A Time For Renewal”
January “Lessons: Never Bet With A Nine Year Old”


November “Life Is Good”
September “PCSL’s Open Mind Bookstore”
July “June: Activities Abound”
May “Beauty And Function: Serving Together”
March “PCSL’s Children”
January “2012: The New Year”


November “Autumn Presents”
September “Prosperity Comes In Many Forms”
July “Are Driveways Spiritual Teachers?”
May “Spring: Time To Lighten And Brighten”
January “What’s It All About?”


November “Our Sanctuary”
September “Fall Is In The Air: A Time To Consider”
July “Summer: We Are A Social Center”
May “Divine Dining: Fun You Can Taste”
March “Our Center Has More Heart”
January “Joy: An Explosion Of Goodwill”