Fibbing for a Living

Many people come to see me in trying times. I look into their eyes. I listen. I love them for who they are and what they’re going through. I tell them things will get better. Sometimes it’s a stretch—a bit of a fib.

Do I really know things will get better for them—and in the way they want?

United Nations HQ, New York

Well, I really do know things are getting better. 100 years ago, could people have imagined a “United Nations?” 50 years ago, could we have foreseen a “European Union?” 25 years ago, could we even have rationally discussed “Same Sex Marriage?” 10 years ago, the UN “Human Rights Council” did not even exist. These groups, issues, councils and unions prove to me that there has been significant human progress—and in my own lifetime. Things are categorically getting better.

But can I promise this on an individual level?

Mostly yes—but occasionally the promise is a bit of a stretch. What I do know is that each of us has the power to make ever better choices for ourselves. What I do know is that as we get used to ordering our thoughts—to having greater faith in others and ourselves—we will see our faith out-picture in our lives. Our beliefs, closely held, become things. This is the primary teaching of the Science of Mind. I see it work every day.

Each person I see is living their own combination of thoughts, beliefs and intentions. Many of these are consciously held. Other beliefs and ideas come from the unconscious or human group consciousness. When these thoughts are life affirming, expansive and loving—I see people with a zest for life. There is no stopping them. Their lives unfold, predominately, with love, power and grace.

When thoughts tend to be limiting, harmful or defeatist, I see the sadness and smallness that can descend upon even people I love dearly. The circumstances of their lives reflect this.

But beyond circumstances can be a greater Truth. Beyond what is happening is what can be happening. If this is stretching the truth, then so be it. I know that each person has the birthright to be living in Freedom. To experience Love. To utilize the abundance and infinite Good of God. I know that everyone has access to what they need and to what would help them be their personal best.

I claim it for them and I claim it for myself. I invite you to do the same. It may be a bit of a fib at first. That’s the tricky part of becoming something different. You have to stretch a bit at first.