The Metaphysics of the Flu Shot

Sometimes the simplest questions get my Science of Mind head all tied in knots. The other day someone (innocently enough) asked me if, as a follower of the Science of Mind, she should get a flu shot.

My initial reaction was to say, “No. Why bother. The flu is just caused by our belief in it. In the Science of Mind we can choose to believe differently.”

Luckily, I caught myself.

In the first place, I do my best not to give advice. I’ve found that when people do something based on what I say, it’s not nearly as effective as when they make up their own mind. In the second place, I wasn’t sure it was such good advice, anyway!

Although everything I would have said was true—was it very practical? How many of us can just change our mind that easily. Obviously I was being asked because there was doubt in her mind. Since doubt is the very thing that ruins a good mental equivalent of health, how easily could this doubt be removed?

Then I thought of my own life—I was quite sickly as a child. Now, I’m as healthy as a horse! But this change did not happen over night. It wasn’t until I really started studying metaphysics that the picture of myself as “completely healthy” started having steady results. My health-doubts were gradually replaced with a picture of my divine healthy body.

Since our conditions follow our beliefs, we must ask which belief is stronger:
– I am healthy and my mind will not accept the outward ideas of “flu,” or
– A flu shot will prevent me from getting the flu

Then, in a flash of insight, I got super-practical. Why not choose both! While working on clarity around wholeness—why not get the shot, too?

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes says,

“In this Science, we believe that man’s life is a drama which takes place on three planes: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. We should have no objections to any form of healing, for anything that helps to overcome suffering is good, whether it be a pill or a prayer. We believe in any method which produces results, for each has its place in the Whole (p. 191).”

Deciding on a flu shot? Either way you’ll be using the power of your mind. Choose a course of action that produces results for you—and continue training your mind to accept more health, more strength, more vigor and more vitality.