Scientists Discover the Root of all Evil

I trust that caught your attention.

Cambridge University psychology and psychiatry professor Simon Baron-Cohen is proposing that evil, as such, doesn’t exist. His proposal is that evil is merely a lack of empathy—something that can be monitored, measured, practiced and improved upon.

Simon Baron-Cohen

Baron-Cohen says that scientists have mapped out specifically 10 regions of the brain that make up what he calls the “empathy circuit.” When people hurt others, either systematically or fleetingly, he believes that parts of that circuit are underdeveloped or damaged.

What a helpful way to look at evil. Not as a force outside of God tempting people like a shadowy villain—just an inability to properly empathize with others. A sort of dis-ability.

This gives me a greater hope for the evolution of humanity. We have an impact on improving the world when we accept the problem as being within us. Each of us can work on exercising and improving our “empathy circuit.” Each of us can better understand the effects of our thoughts, words and actions on others.

When asked if sociopaths are beyond help, Baron-Cohen replied,

“I try to keep an open mind. I would never want to say a person is beyond help,” he explains. “Empathy is a skill like any other human skill—and if you get a chance to practice, you can get better at it.”

Today I will begin a greater practice of empathy with others. I will put aside thoughts of any power or force outside of God. I know that God, as Good, is present everywhere—sometimes just needing more practice to be generously expressed.