Back To The Future

It doesn’t require a time-traveling DeLorean car or any help from Michael J. Fox at all. Physicists have already shown how we can send small particles of matter into the future by manipulating the gravity around them.

Michael J. Fox and that time traveling DeLorean

OK, so it’s only a particle of matter (not a person or a spaceship) so far—but you wait! Science keeps moving forward!

In the interim, Science of Mind already employs the principles of time travel to the future.

Do you want to look into your future? All you have to do is examine what’s going on in your mind right now. Get to know the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, fears, passions and patterns that are going on in your mind today. That’s what you can look forward to.

Don’t get me wrong. We certainly can “change” the future. We’re not locked into a future beyond our control. I promise.

But is it based on the spiritual principle of “Cause and Effect.” The future is the “effect” of the mental “causes” that we’re creating right now. We think our future into reality.

If we want to change the future—we just change our thinking! To create a life with more love, more friendship and more harmony with others, we change our thinking about relationships right now. We picture ourselves as loved and lovable. We cultivate thoughts of harmony and love towards everyone in our life right now. To the best of our abilities, we create love in our minds today—in order to experience it tomorrow.

If we want our future to be comfortable and filled with easy living, we begin to create the mental atmosphere for this life now. We cannot experience abundance in the future unless we “prime” ourselves with thoughts, beliefs and mental patterns of richness and comfort now.

We’re viewing the future every day. Through our current thinking we get a glimpse of what is yet to come. Through our beliefs and current habits we see ourselves in the future.

Do you like that glimpse of your future? If not, there’s always time to make some (mental) changes before they show up on the “outside.”

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