Social Justice

The Center for Spiritual Living has partnered with other New Thought churches and centers in the greater Portland metropolitan area to form the New Thought Justice Collaborative.

New Thought spirituality includes Unity and Science of Mind and is a spiritual practice and way of life that welcomes those of all religious backgrounds. We believe that we all thrive when we live in an inclusive and diverse world that works for everyone. Our social justice work is dedicated to creating such a world.

Visit the Facebook page where those in the New Thought spiritual community can share and find announcements of upcoming social justice events in the Portland, Oregon area, and post information and photos about those events.

Here is a list of events directly sponsored by the local Centers for Spiritual Living:

Dialogs on Race

A safe place to talk about the various issues surrounding race relations in our nation. Everyone will have a voice to express their feelings, thoughts, grief and the status quo. The circle will begin and end with prayer. All are welcome.

Dates and Topics:

  • Sunday, January 21, 2018—Gatekeeping (at PCSL)
  • Sunday, February 18, 2018—Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System; The New Jim Crow (at NTCSL)
  • Sunday, March 18, 2018—Psychology of Slavery; How slavery reverberates in the present day (at PCSL)
  • Sunday, June 3, 2018—Racism vs. the Science of Mind (at PCSL)

Social Justice Book Club

We meet 12:30-2:00 PM on the first Saturday of every month at the Center for Spiritual Living in Portland; 6211 NE Martin Luther King., Jr., Blvd. Everyone is welcome. Note: you can order the books online at by clicking on the links.

Dates and Books Discussed:

Social Justice Movie Night

Movie Night rotates between the Portland Center for Spiritual Living and the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego on the fourth Friday of every month; 7:00-9:00 PM. We see the movie and linger for discussion.

Dates and Movies:

  • Friday, January 26, 2018—Freedom Riders (at PCSL)
  • Friday, February 23, 2018—Rarified Air (at NTCSL) This documentary is by local Civil Rights activist Karen Trusty, who had feet on the ground in Mississippi in the 1960s. She will be present to answer questions.
  • Friday, March 23, 2018—13th (at PCSL)
  • Friday, April 27, 2018—Freedom Summer (at PCSL)
  • Friday, May 25, 2018—The Black Panthers (at PCSL)

Event Locations

  • Portland Center for Spiritual Living (PCSL): 6211 NE Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd., Portland, OR  97211; (503) 261-0677
  • New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (NTCSL): 1040 C Ave., Lake Oswego, OR 97034; (503) 296-9922