Self Study

Taking a class or a workshop are the best ways to learn Science of Mind principles. They will help you change the way you think and create new opportunities for growth and healing. When it is not possible to do this, we offer our self-study guides. Select an area of interest and purchase the book (books are linked to Then, read the book and listen to the corresponding podcasts. It’s an easy way to make spiritual progress when you’re unable to attend our classes and services.


Subject Book Author Podcasts
Abundance and Financial Freedom Law of Divine Compensation Marianne Williamson Law of Compensation
Love is the Answer
Standing in the Way
Proof Positive
Purity of Heart
Secret of Unlimited Prosperity Catherine Ponder The Secret of Unlimited Prosperity
The Law of Receiving
The Law of Mental Attraction
The Law of Mental Acceptance
The Law of Gratitude
The Abundance Book J. Randolph Price The 40-Day Prosperity Plan
Fruits of the Harvest
The Principle of Sufficiency
You are Your Own Money
Money: The Energy of Divinity
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance Edwene Gaines Money Is(n’t) Everything
The Law Of Tithing
The Law Of Goal Setting
The Law Of Forgiveness
The Law Of Divine Purpose
Basics of SOM The Basic Ideas of SOM Ernest Holmes It All Starts With You
Thinking Through It
My Choice; My Life
Finding Life’s Riches
Science of Mind Ernest Holmes The Thing Itself
The Way It Works
What It Does
How to Use It
Beyond Limits The Untethered Soul Marc Singer The Spiritual Heart
Free Yourself
Beyond Limits
Living the Gift of Life
Bible Wisdom, New Thought Bible Interpretation and Reading Bible Parables


Learn To Live Ervin Seale Does God Recognize Us?
Does God Value Us?
Does God Forgive Us?
Seeing With New Eyes
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Law of Mind
Rebirth of the Human Heart
Creating Our Dreams
Intentions Reborn
Perception Reborn
Easter: Another Fresh Beginning
Freedom Reborn
Breaking the Ten Commandments Eric Butterworth Easter: One God in All Things
Remembering The Sabbath
Family and Friends First
Why Shant I?
Words That Heal Today Ernest Holmes Great Love; Great Law
The Human Condition
Heaven On Earth
Easter: Awake, Thou That Sleepest
Communication The Art of Communicating Thich Naht Hanh Hello, Self!
Deep Listening
Loving Speech
Trouble In Paradise
A New Language for the World
Conscious Change and Transformation A New Design for Living Ernest Holmes New Thoughts for Old
Change is Your Friend
Discovering Yourself
Thinking Big
Successful Living
Health is Normal
Facing Facts
The Gift of Change Marianne Williamson The Gift of Change
Remembering Who We Are
Releasing Anxiety
Now Is Now
Together Again
Who We Are Becoming
The Art of Uncertainty Dennis Merritt Jones The Edge of Uncertainty
This Too Shall Pass
Interested or Committed?
Conscious Choices
Creativity Creative Ideas Ernest Holmes How We Got Here
My Life to Live
Mental Health Break
My Mind, My Body
On the Horizon
Divine Humanity This Thing Called You Ernest Holmes Made in God’s Image
Free as Can Be
Myself; My Life; My Work
Divine Intuition
Emotional Health Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence
I Got a Feeling
Emotions Applied
Opportunity to Feel
The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart: An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook Daphne Rose Kingma When Things Fall Apart
Something Completely Different
The Whole Enchilada
Where The Love Is
Empowerment The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz Be Impeccable With Your Word
Don’t Take Things Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions
Always Do Your Best
The Dark Side of the Mind: Stories of Love, Courage and Transformation Alba Alamillo The Basis Of Belief
Negative And Positive
Self-Esteem Workout
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Freedom Living Without Fear Ernest Holmes Who Do You Think You Are?
Unlimited Spiritual Growth
The Thought’s The Thing!
Make My Day!
Grace The Rhythm of Life Matthew Kelly The Meaning of Life
Myself, Version 2.0
The Rhythm of Life
Living in Grace
Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic Mike Dooley Setting Sail
Charting Your Course
Journey Of A Lifetime
Adjust Your Sails
Gratitude Thanks! Richard Emmons The Science of Gratitude
God is Gracious
Grateful or Ingrateful?
Intentional Living How to Change Your Life Ernest Holmes Your Dreams Come True
In Charge Again
The One and Only
My Life is God’s Life
The Royal Treatment
Joy Work: How to Find Joy Thich Nhat Hanh The Joy of “Work”
Breakfast of Champions
God at Work
Home at Last
Is It Really Work?
Love & Spiritual Law Love and Law Ernest Holmes Believe To Receive
Effecting Your Cause
Is Bigger Better?
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself
Love On My Mind
The Joy Of Living
Selfish Or Selfless?
The Prospering Power of Love Catherine Ponder The Miracle of Love
Love and Success
The Healing Power of Love
Writing to an Angel
Love/Friendship Attached Amir Levine Celebration of the Heart
Styles of Love and Life
Working Things Out
Nature of God Your Invisible Power Ernest Holmes God: Your Silent Partner
God: Your Personal Self
God: Your Impersonal Self
God As Truth
Optimism Learned Optimism Martin E.P. Seligman Learned Optimism
What You Think is What You Are
Applied Optimism
New View, New You
Peace, Inner Peace and Peace of Mind Meditations of the Heart Howard Thurman The Gift of Silence
A Lull In The Doing
The Dream Of The Heart
Solstice: The Light Within
Christmas: These Gifts
Be Still and Know…
The Pause That Refreshes
Winter Solstice: Long Live Life!
Christmas Eve: Gifts on My Altar
The Golden Bowl: The Moments of High Resolve
The Voice of Knowledge Don Miguel Ruiz Sex, Lies and Toltec Wisdom
Life Presented, Life Interpreted
The Voice of the Heart
Open Heart and Open Eyes
The Shadow Effect Chopra et al The Shadow Effect
Making Peace
Light Into Darkness
7,000 Ways to Listen Mark Nepo Listening To The Infinite
Listening To The Self
Listening To Others
Listening To Love
Philosophy Does Santa Exist Eric Kaplan Logically, Does Santa Exist?
Mystically, Does Santa Exist?
Solstice: Experiencing the Light Within
Golden Bowl: Reinventing Myself
Power The Art of Power Thich Nhat Hanh True Power
Getting What We Really Want
Powerful Love and Happiness
Freedom in the Present Moment
Power of Thought, Purpose E-Squared Pam Grout Field of Possibilities
Energetic Me!
Dear Abby
101 Dalmatians
Welcome to the Universe
The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander A Universe Of Possibility
Contributions Gratefully Accepted
Beyond The Way Things Are
Courting Possibilities
Relationships Conscious Loving G & K Hendricks Conscious Loving
The Path To Loving Relationships
Tainted Love
Co-Committed For Life
Let’s Agree
Communication 101
Service How Can I Help? Ram Dass Natural Compassion
Who’s Helping Who?
The Listening Heart and Mind
Me? Burned Out?
Spiritual Wisdom Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm Thich Nhat Han Breaking Free Of The Past
Me, Worry?
The Gift Of Fearlessness
From Fear Into Faith and Love
The Seven Whispers: A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These Christina Baldwin Stay Calm And Carry On
Did You Do It On Purpose?
Surprise Party!
Christmas: Love Is Born Today
Golden Bowl: Return Again
Sufficiency A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough W. Muller The Fullness of “Enough”
The Next Right Thing
I’m Enough!
Thanksgiving “Gratitude”
Always Enough
Unity Mystic Heart Wayne Teasdale Finding What Unites Us
The Mirror Of The Heart
The Practical And The Mystical
Natural Mysticism
Lessons in Truth H. Emile Cady Bondage Or Liberty?
The Power Of Faith
The Place Of The Most High
Spiritual Gifts
Wholeness Reinventing the Body Deepak Chopra The Magic Of Awareness
Time Is Not The Enemy
An Easier Way to Live
Love Awakens The Soul
Evolution Of The Universe