LaRhonda Steele
Music Director

Each Sunday, the Celebration Service features outstanding music that opens hearts to the message of Love, Peace, Passion, and the Unity and Oneness of All Life. Our Music Ministry includes some of Portland’s finest artists, the PCSL Friends Band.

We regularly feature the Friends Gospel Chorus led by our Music Director, LaRhonda Steele. We also feature fabulous guest artists from the Portland music community. The musicians consistently delight in engaging the hearts of all who attend, giving their love and sharing their own inspiration.

We’re pleased to announce the following musical artists for our upcoming Sunday Celebration Services:

John Gainer, Sun, February 4, 2018
Christopher Worth, Sun, January  11, 2018
LaRhonda Steele, Sun, February  18, 2018
Friends Gospel Chorus, Sun, January  25, 2018

The Friends Gospel Chorus
under direction of LaRhonda Steele