When Popular Culture Notices the Truth

Much of the time I ignore popular culture. Whether it’s in the news, on TV or in the magazines at the checkout stand—most of what I see is about people making bad choices. Popular American culture seems to take great delight in things gone wrong—especially for the rich or famous. I also expect that much of what I see may be “made up” for publicity or to knock people off the pedestal of movie stardom.

Elton John (right) and David Furnish
Elton John (right) and partner David Furnish

I couldn’t help but notice how singer Elton John has been in the news lately. The checkout stand is all a-buzz. Sir Elton John (and his longtime partner, David Furnish) had a baby. This is not so amazing in this time of adoption and surrogate parentage. What is amazing is the tabloids are not sending Sir John to purgatory over it. They’re not even evaluating his anticipated parenting skills. They’re on his side by saying that America needs to better tolerate, support and understand non-traditional families.

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